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​Mortgages & Personal Lending


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We strive to provide customized lending solutions and flexible rates to meet your needs.  Loans can be tailored to your budget and situation.  Personalize your payment amount, and frequency.


Credit and Loan Insurance is a very simple and affordable way to protect you and your loved ones from unexpected financial loss. We all work hard for our money and our lifestyle but sometimes life can take a hard turn, you may find yourself with unplanned, overwhelming debt. CUMIS offers comprehensive credit insurance for credit union Members on all types of debt.


Equifax Consumer Services Canada provides convenient access to your credit reports.  Consumers and businesses who need access to important credit related information can view credit scores and information used by most lenders when making borrowing decisions.  Plus, for a small fee you can get a copy of your credit report online.


RevCU credit card​​​

Mastercard® options to fit your lifestyle!