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Account and Service Fees


Please be advised that RCU is increasing the following service charges on January 1, 2024. 

Wire Transfers - Incoming CAD and USD $15.00
Bank Drafts $10.00
Stop Payment In-Branch $15.00
Estate Accounts No cost for the first year.  $20.00/month maintenance fee for accounts that exceed 12 months.
Estate Accounts $10.00 Disbursement Fee or Bank Draft Fee
Estate Accounts $10.00 Administration Fee  (personalized service of delivering cheques to another Financial Institution or mailing cheques and documents)

November 30, 2023

Personal Account Service Fees

We strive to be as transparent as possible with any account and service fee. Use the drop down tabs below for a full breakdown of account and service fees for personal and business accounts.

Most service fees are included in flat fee accounts, junior accounts, senior accounts, tailored commercial accounts and organization accounts.  Some fees noted below may not apply to your account type. Please contact us for more information about your account type and service fee plan.



*Fees effective January 1, 2024


In the event of a discrepancy between these service fees and the service fees posted in our office the latter shall prevail.

Power Chequing Account $7.50
Premier Chequing Account  $12.95
Golden Chequing Account (Seniors 60+) None
E  Plus Power Chequing Account  $15.95
USD Chequing Account None
Basic Chequing   $2.00
Plan 24 Savings Account None
Power Plan Savings Account $7.50
Premier Plan Savings $12.95
Mountain Kids Money Club None
Campus Plan None
High Interest Savings  None


Account Inquiries by Phone, Fax, Email


ATM Withdrawal at Canadian Credit Union 


ATM Withdrawal at Non CU Canadian ATM


ATM Withdrawal at Foreign ATM


Bank Draft - All Currencies


Bill Payment over in branch


Bill Payment Trace Fee


Charge Back of Returned Cheques 


Cheque Printing


Counter Cheque - Sheet of 4


Cheque Processing, Savings Account                        

Cheque Processing, Unencoded or Rejected $5.00
Cheque Processing, Unencoded or Rejected $1.00 USD
Coin Wrappers, Per Box  $15.00
Collection Items (In or Out) $20.00 minimum
Deposit Books (Small) $3.00
Deposit Books (Large) $6.00
Diarized Actions, Standing Order  $5.00
Dormant Account Maintenance, Per Year $50.00
Duplicate Statement, Per Page  $5.00
Funds Transfer To Another Credit Union $15.00
Foreign Fund Purchases by RCU $15.00

To Other FI or Out of Province CU 


Funds Transfer Out of Country  


Hold Funds BC Credit Union


Hold Funds Out of Province Credit Union  


Interac eTransfer after 10 free (Send)


Interac eTransfer (Receive)


MemberDirect Online Banking 


MemberCard Direct Payment Transactions 


NSF Cheque


Stop Payment in Branch                        

Stop Payment Online $10.00
Stop Payment if Account is NSF $25.00
Transfer Funds, Phone Request $5.00
Transfer Funds, System Cover overdraft  $5.00 
Transfer Funds, No Instruction $10.00
Unauthorized Overdraft, Per Item  $5.00
Withdrawals, Savings; 2 Free Then  $1.50
Withdrawals, Chequing $1.00
Withdrawals, U.S . Account   $1.00 USD
Wire Transfer - Receive, CAD & USD  $15.00 
Wire Transfer - Send, CAD $25.00
Wire Transfer - Send, USD  $35.00
U.S. Funds on CDN Account $10.00
Account Closure Within 6 Months $50.00
Account Transfer to Another Credit Union  Free
Account Transfer to Another Institution  $50.00
Account Closure Within 6 Months $50.00
Account Transfer to Another Credit Union Free
Account Transfer to Another Institution $50.00
Account Confirmation Letter  $25.00
Account Reconciliation, Per Hour  $30.00
Account Research - 1 Item Within 90 Days $5.00
Account Research - All Others, Per Hour $35.00
Cheque Copies, Each $5.00
Estate Account Maintenance after 12 months $20.00/mo. 
Estate Account Disbursement Fee $10.00
Estate Account Extra Administration Services  $10.00 
Fax Service, Outgoing, First Page $3.00
Subsequent Pages $1.00
MemberCard Replacement, Standard $5.00
MemberCard Replacement, Personalized $10.00
RRSP Transfer (T2033), Other Credit Union $50.00
RRSP Transfer (T2033), Other Institution $100.00
Special Account Information Letters  $25.00
​​Appraisals, Professional Cost
Appraisals, Realtor's Opinion Cost
Appraisals, RCU In-house $150.00
Construction Mortgage Application Fee 1% of Loan
Documentation Fee, Loans Under $7500 $150.00
Duplicate Certificate of Title, Annual Loan Renewal $75.00
Interest Statement/Letter $25.00
Late Payment, Manual Transfer $25.00
Line of Credit, Change of Limit $50.00
Mortgage Payout Documentation $175.00
Mortgage Re-advance $150.00
Mortgage Renewal $75.00
Mortgage Transfer Out $150.00
Payment Alteration/Suspension $25.00
PPSA, Registration Per Year $15.00
PPSA, Lien Search $15.00
PPSA, Substitution of Security $100.00
Title Search $25.00
Bridge Financing 1% of funds
Account Maintenance, Per Month Free
Cheque Printing Cost
Cheque Processing Free
E-Statements - MemberDirect Free
Send Interac eTransfer after 10 free $1.50
Receive Interac eTransfer Free
Paper Statement by Mail $2.00
Change of Signor, if more than one per year $35.00
Deposit Box Rental 1.5" X 5" Per Year $35.00
Deposit Box Rental 2.5" X 5" Per Year $45.00
Deposit Box Rental 5" X 5" Per Year $65.00
Deposit Box Rental 2.5" X 10" Per Year $65.00
Deposit Box Rental 5" X 10" Per Year $120.00
Deposit Box Rental 10" X 10" Per Year $175.00
Deposit Box Rental 10" X 15.5" Per Year $220.00
Lost Key Replacement Cost plus $25.00
Night Deposit Bag Rental, Per Year $40.00
Key Deposit With No Bag Rental $10.00
Additional Night Deposit Bags $15.00
Night Deposit Bags, Disposable, Per 100 $25.00
Key Replacement, no spare $45.00


Safety Deposit Box Emergency Drilling


 ~ Estimated Fees

  • Next Available 
  • ~$250.00
  • Emergency Drilling (Tues-Fri)
  • ~$415.00
  • Emergency Drilling (Sat – overtime)
  • ~$555.00
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