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Life and Health Insurance

RCU Insurance Services Ltd.


We help you protect your loved ones and your quality of life

At every stage of your life, you work hard to achieve a lifestyle that is fulfilling and rewarding.  For you, life insurance may be about protecting your hard-earned savings and home for your family, when you are not there to take care of them. Life insurance can provide the funds needed to maintain your family’s standard of living, but it may also be about financial planning. Whether you aim to protect your business, ensure a comfortable retirement, or to have a tax-sheltered savings plan for your child’s education we can prepare a plan to suit your needs. 

At RCU Insurance, we offer a full range of policies for individuals and businesses.  We offer plans that range from term life and universal whole life insurance to income replacement programs should you be injured and unable to work.  If you own a business and are looking for ways to attract and keep your best employees, you may consider a customized employee benefit package for your company. Working one-on-one with our RCU Certified Financial Planners/Life Insurance Specialist, you can design a program that paves the way for your future and that of your company. Examples of our products include buy-sell agreements and key-man insurance.  Visit or call one of our Certified Financial Planners/Life Insurance Life Specialists and find out how we can create a customized plan for your needs.  We’ll help you build the best-value life insurance package* that’s right for you.

* RCU Insurance Services Ltd. is a subsidiary of Revelstoke Credit Union offering life insurance and investments. 


Life Insurance Plans

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​Permanent Life Insurance

  • Lifetime coverage 
  • Security of fixed premiums  
  • Premiums that can build equity 
  • Solutions for long-term needs like retirement planning 
  • Universal Life Insurance with different premium levels which meet needs such as estate and retirement planning
  • Flexible options for tax-deferred savings
  • Choices of various death benefit options, investment accounts and premium levels

​Term Life Insurance

  • Choice of solutions to fit your needs and budget
  • Get coverage to protect your family
  • Cover your child’s education or replace lost income
  • Less expensive premiums than permanent life insurance
  • Premiums that increase upon renewal
  • Coverage with an expiry date to cover temporary needs

Living Benefits Plans


​Individual Health Insurance Plans

Costs for health related services add up quick. Health Insurance protects savings and lifestyle by helping you manage costs; expected and unexpected!

  • Dental
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Extended Health Benefits
  • Vision

​Group Insurance Plans

Retain, reward and revitalize staff by helping to provide them health coverage.

  • Dental
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Extended Health Benefits
  • Vision

Disability Insurance

Help protect your income in unforeseen circumstances of becoming disabled and unable to work.  This coverage is available to a broad range of individuals and can help with:

  • Partial or full income replacement
  • Reimburse and cover business expenses
  • Help to fund your buy-out agreement

Critical Illness Insurance

Insure yourself to help protect your lifestyle and finances so you can focus on your recovery. Benefits can help with:

  • Fund healthcare or treatment
  • Cover household and family expense
  • Protect retirement savings
  • Manage business expenses

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