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Member Rewards


For the 23rd consecutive year the RCU Board of Directors is pleased to announce Member Rewards.  The RCU Board declared this year’s patronage rebate at 1.0294% based on the financial results of a very unusual fiscal year in 2023 which will see $125,000 disbursed to Members.  Since 2001, $4,850,732 has been returned to Members through the program. 

Member Rewards are a way RCU distributes annual profit, based on interest earning and interest accruing accounts.  Deposit Accounts which earn interest are paid a reward calculated by multiplying the interest earned in the year by the reward rate determined for the year.  Similarly, when paying interest on a loan or mortgage the reward rate is multiplied by the interest paid to arrive at your rebate for the year!  Rewards are cash paid into the Member’s Rewards account with which can be used for anything! 

There are many advantages to take care of your finances at a Credit Union, and most of these advantages keep money made in our community circulating here as part of our thriving economy.  Our Members and community benefit from these advantages, you don’t see this happening with a bank.  Being a Member means you are also an owner and Membership does have rewards! Watch for yours in your account on the morning of February 14, 2024.


How Member Rewards work.

Click below for a summary of 2023 profit disbursements paid out in 2024 and a list of some of the beneficiaries.