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PaymentStream™ AFT


Members can use Central1 PaymentStream™ AFT application to input and process the transactions.  Payment Stream AFT is a self-serve product. User guides and training videos are provided. 

The system offers the following features:

  • Ability to send (originate) same-day AFT credits Origination deadline/schedules
  • Enhanced originator ID limits to assist with risk mitigation
  • Real-time file validation during file upload and release process
  • For File Upload and Manual Release email confirmations sent only when a file is validated successfully. Automatic release will still get email confirmation if a transmission rejects.
  • Added risk controls for dual authorization
  • Added risk threshold controls
  • Canadian or U.S. dollar transactions can be originated as long as the recipient’s account is held at a Canadian financial institution
  • Ability for individual record release
  • Ability to release AFT transactions up to 14 calendars days in advanceAbility to download AFT product reports in CSV and PDF formats
  • Increased record retention - up to 18 months of history
  • Users require 2-Step Security to accessPaymentStream AFT.

2-Step Security is a method of authenticating a user by confirming two factors of authentication:

  • a username and password and a physical Hard Token or Soft Token on a smart phone. The token is required to access the new PaymentStream AFT application.