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​Save for your child's future with a RESP.


Aviso Wealth Inc.'s RESP Webinar

Please join us for a special webcast on Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) just in time for Back to School season. During the session, Aviso Wealth Inc,’s Tax & Estate Specialist, Doug Carroll, will break down the structure of the RESP so you know how it works, provide tips on how to maximize its benefits, and advise on ways for a tax-efficient drawdown of the plan.
Don’t miss this session to learn about earning for learning.  Follow the link to register for either session.

Tuesday, September 27, 9am PT

Tuesday, September 27, 12pm PT

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​A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a tax-sheltered government plan that allows you to contribute up to $50,000 for a child’s post-secondary education – whether it’s your child, a grandchild or a friend's child. 


Enjoy the benefits of an RESP

  • ​Grow your money with your RESP, your earnings are tax-free
  • You can help make their future educational dreams a reality whether it is a niece, nephew, child of a friend or your own child
  • Apply for additional funds with the Canada Learning Bond
  • When the child begins to withdraw funds for their education, they will pay less tax as they will likely be in a lower tax bracket
  • Benefit from the Canada Education Savings  grant where the federal government will contribute up to a lifetime maximum of $7,200 to your child's plan 
  • Get a $1,200 one-time grant BC Training and Education Savings Grant 

​​​​Ready to put the power of investing to work for you?


​Need a hand?

​​Whether you're an investing expert or a total beginner, our experienced team will tailor their advice to help you maximize your child's education savings.

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​How much will I save?

​​Our RESP calculator will help you figure out how much you can set aside before the child starts school, and how government grants will help your savings.


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