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Complaint Handling

Our Commitment to Member Satisfaction

Complaint Handling Procedures for Revelstoke Credit Union

Commitment to the Market Code of Conduct for BC Credit Unions

As part of Revelstoke Credit Union’s Commitment to a National Industry Market Code of Conduct in all operations, an open and fair complaint policy has been adopted by the Board[1] and the related complaint handling procedures are set out as below.

Complaint Handling Policy

To maintain the public’s trust and the confidence of its Member’s, Revelstoke Credit Union (RCU) maintains a Complaint Handling Policy[2] and Procedure dedicated to resolving issues which contravene RCU’s code of conduct, or related operational policies and Board directives.  The reputation of RCU in the community, as well as with its members, places high expectations upon operational integrity.   Our code of conduct can be found at under policies.[3]

Section 1 - Complaint Handling Procedures – Administration

1.1 Complaint handling procedures and processes

RCU Privacy Office will handle, in a confidential manner, any public or Member concern in consultation with the Conduct Review Committee and CEO.


1.2 Making Complaint Handling Information Available

RCU’s Market Code of Conduct and Complaint Handling Policy and Procedures, in full, can be obtained by contacting the Privacy Officer,  A condensed version of this and more information is available at the bottom of this page.


1.3 Handling Complaints

 Upon receiving, reviewing, and investigating a complaint, the Privacy Officer will contact the complainant with an account of the steps taken to address, explain or resolve RCU’s position of the issue.  If further action is required to resolve the issue these steps will be detailed in consultation with the Privacy Officer.


1.4 Record Keeping

Records for Any Complaints received, and all communications will be kept for one year after the issues is rectified.  Any correspondence written or recorded will be destroyed under supervision by the Privacy Officer.  Any material with identifying personal information that is part of the issue’s resolution will be kept on file electronically in a secure, encrypted location by the Privacy Officer for one year after the issue has been acted on as set out in BC’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).  For business purposes relating to customer service, any and all information which could identify the complainant to be associated with record of the issue will be permanently removed or destroyed.


1.5 Reporting Complaints

 The CEO and Board Directors will receive reports regarding all complaints at quarterly meetings of the Conduct Review Committee.


Section 2 - Complaint Handling Procedures - Steps to take

We take complaints very seriously at Revelstoke Credit Union and view them as our best way to identify and rectify problems. By solving your issue or concern, we will have ultimately improved our service levels to all members.

With this in mind, we commit to responding to your complaint within 24 hours of receiving it, during business hours, with the following information:

  • acknowledging receipt of your complaint
  • an immediate resolution to the problem if at all possible
  • if further investigation is required on our part, we will advise you what person or department is handling it and when you can expect to hear from them (usually within five working days)

Some issues are more complex and may take longer to resolve.  We will let you know if we anticipate that your complaint will take longer to resolve.

If you have a problem, issue, or complaint of any sort, we encourage you to contact us following the process outlined below.

Step 1:

In advance, gather and assemble all the pertinent information such as:

  • your account number
  • your preferred method of reply: mail, e-mail, or phone (if phone, when is the best time to call)
  • date(s) of occurrence
  • supporting statements or documents, if any
  • the names of any specific staff involved
  • clarify the situation and sequence of events in your own mind, and then determine what it is you would like us to do

Step 2:

Contact us by calling 250.837.6291 or 1-888-851.5715

You can also email us at

Our staff are empowered to handle most problems that you may have encountered.  Most of our Member concerns are handled to their satisfaction with just one phone call or e-mail.

If staff are unable to fully rectify your concern, please ask to speak to a manager or senior manager.

Step 3:

If the staff member or manager was unable to satisfy your concern, you may wish to appeal your situation further by contacting any one of the following senior credit union officials, our Chief Executive Officer or the Board of Directors:


Office of the CEO

Revelstoke Credit Union


Chair, Board of Directors

c/o Revelstoke Credit Union


PO Box 989


PO Box 989


Revelstoke, BC


Revelstoke, BC


V0E 2S0


V0E 2S0


250.837.6291 or 1-888-851.5715


250.837.6291 or 1-888-851.5715









Step 4:

If at any time or upon completion of the above three steps, RCU has not resolved the complaint to your satisfaction.  You may wish to contact the organization selected by the regulator for BC credit unions, British Columbia Financial Service Agency, the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments.

Mail:    Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments
              20 Queen Street West, Suite 2400, P.O. Box 8,
              Toronto ON, M5H 3R3
Phone: 1 (888) 451-4519

We take our member complaints very seriously and are committed to making every effort to resolving your concern.



The Complaint Resolution Process above does not apply to mutual funds sold through Credential® Asset Management Inc. or actions encountered with a QTrade® Account.  These complaints are to be directed as follows.

Phone: 250.837.6291 or 1.888.851.5715

Ask to speak to your Credential® Asset Management (CAM) Mutual Funds Investment Specialist (MFIS).  This staff representative of CAM will provide the Member with a copy of the Credential Asset Management Inc. Account Agreement & Disclosure Document and direct them to the section: What to Do If You Have a Complaint.

If the MFIS is unable to fully rectify your problem, please ask to be transferred to the Privacy Officer, extension 263.

Mail:    RCU Privacy Officer
              c/o Revelstoke Credit Union
              PO Box 989
              Revelstoke, BC, V0E 2S0


*Mutual funds are offered through Credential® Asset Management Inc. by RCU Insurance Services Ltd.

[1] Market Code of Conduct for RCU pdf

[2] RCU Complaint Handling Policy pdf


Revelstoke Credit Union's Market Code of Conduct

Our primary motivation is providing quality products and services to our Members. We are committed to ensuring that our Members are completely satisfied with the level of services they receive by adopting this Market Code of Conduct. Read the Code of Conduct.