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Community Giving

This year, RCU will be donating $75,000 to our Community!

Community Giving Application Intake Closes on Friday, March 8, 2024. 


Capital Projects for 2024

Community Impact

In April 2024, a portion of RCU profits from the 2023 fiscal year will be disbursed.  The RCU Community Giving Program will pay out $75,000 in donations between community groups and community improving Capital Projects.  In addition, we'll pay back $125,000 to our customers in Member Rewards and dividends in February.

We feel strongly about supporting our Community, hence our label of "Community Partner". Credit Unions are industry leaders in community donations, sponsorship and volunteerism. Revelstoke Credit Union has distributed nearly $7.5 million to Members and the community since the year 2000.  RCU does not exist for profits alone but for the prosperity of Revelstoke and community, this is achieved by acting as an agent of social change through economic support in the community while also leading by example. 


How the RevCU Community Giving Program works

We consider all Community Giving Program applications carefully and do our best to help benefit everyone in the community. While it is difficult to meet every request we receive, please use the following guidelines when applying.

We are unable to accept applications which:

  • benefit only one individual
  • request funds to support travel arrangement
  • promote specific religious points of view
  • promote political organizations or affiliated activities
  • represent a conflict of interest for Revelstoke Credit Union
  • promote specific programs or issues which are considered controversial, or Revelstoke Credit Union considers to be one that our members may have significantly divergent views.

If your request is within these guidelines use the Community Giving Application Form

If you require assistance with the application process, please contact Erin Russell by email or 250.837.6291, extension 242. 


Capital Project Funding

In four consecutive years, the Community Giving Program has expanded to include funding for Capital Projects.  These legacy type projects should benefit as many people as possible in our community. While it is difficult to meet every request we receive, please refer to the Community Giving guidelines above.