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Board of Director Elections

An official call for director nominations from the membership is announced each year.  Members interested in the position of director can speak to RCU's Executive Assistant, the Chair of the Nominating Committee, CEO or any current director for information on pursuing the opportunity.

To stand for nomination, a candidate must be a Member in good standing with the Credit Union for a period of no less than one year.

Your Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring that there are candidates willing to run for election as well as ensuring that any Member interested in running for a director position is fully informed of the duties and responsibilities of becoming a director before agreeing to let their name stand.

Only a Member in good standing, who is not a junior Member, is eligible to cast a ballot in the election.  The Nominating Committee oversees the election process and ensures both voting secrecy and accuracy.  


One of the great things about RCU is that every Member is also an owner.  As part of a cooperative, Members vote to choose the people who set the direction for the credit union. These Members are your Board of Directors and you can be one too!  Are you;

  • progressive and forward thinking?
  • an open and effective communicator?
  • able to interpret financial documents?
  • willing to take specialized director training?

The 2024 nomination period closed on February 10.  Miriam Manley has been acclaimed to the Board.