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We give you peace of mind while you travel

Whether you are traveling for social or business reasons, RCU Insurance can provide you with the right travel protection plan, and let you enjoy the excitement of travel,
worry free.

Accidents happen and people get sick while traveling. Modern levels of health care and emergency treatment outside Canada are expensive. Many British Columbians are surprised to learn that their provincial health insurance may not provide full coverage outside BC, even in other parts of Canada.
That’s why we’ve teamed up with two leading travel insurance providers in North America, to offer you the most comprehensive and competitive plan available with 24-hour toll-free emergency assistance.

Whether you are traveling in Canada or worldwide, or a visitor to Canada, we can provide excellent coverage for all your needs.

If you travel regularly throughout the year, you may consider an annual policy available for an unlimited number of trips (up to 5, 10, 20, 35, 60, 95, 125, 155, 182 days). This is an economical and a convenient option because when you return to BC, your maximum trip length option starts again the next time you travel.

We’ll help you find the best-value travel insurance package that’s right for you.

Enjoy your trip! Let us insure the rest.
Going places? Freedom goes with all of the ways you travel, offering you plenty of coverage options. Affordably! Click here to apply online!


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