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Owning your home is a great accomplishment, and as you know, there are unique rights and responsibilities that come with being a condo owner. Group ownership gives you lifestyle advantages, as well as shared enjoyment and responsibility for the structure, facilities and amenities of the entire condo complex.
At RCU Insurance, we help you make certain that both your home and the valuable contents you've acquired are adequately covered.

Our "All Risk" coverage condo insurance package is very comprehensive, and we even offer additional coverage such as "Replacement Cost on Contents" and "Additions and Alterations" at no extra cost. It is an affordable way to cover your own home and contents while also protecting your interests as a joint owner of the building and facilities.

Your policy extends to cover unit improvements made by you or a previous owner, as well as unit contingent coverage. You are also covered for damage from the elements (excluding flood and mudslide).
If you have unique needs to cover any specific items, an RCU Insurance professional will help you identify and have these items "scheduled" and insured separately as well.


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