Mountain Kids Money Club

Mountain Kids Money Club

Mountain Kids Money Club is a No Fee Account for our youngest Members with the ability to sign their own name.  (Approximately 5, up to and including 12 years of age.)

  • Unlimited ATM/POS Transactions
  •  Non-Credit Union ATM Withdrawals Canada $3.00
  •  Any Foreign ATM Withdrawals $5.00
  •  Deposits will earn 1% annual interest rate in Mountain Kids Money Club Plan 24 and Youth Plan 24. Interest is calculated on daily closing balance and paid monthly.
  •  MKMC Term Deposits will earn a special annual interest rate.
Account limitations & requirements
  1. This is Not a Parent for Child Accounts, Nor Legal Trust or Parental Account
  2. Not for a Parent’s sub-account that a parent may keep for a child.
  3. Parental indemnity is required for the account in general and for Youth debit cards.
For new openings, $5 Member Share is paid by RCU.

Account Non-Banking Features:

We are incorporating a financial literacy aspect for our youngest members with the ‘M is for Money’® children’s series, by award winning Canadian entrepreneur, Teresa Cascioli. These books will be given out with account openings, and the following books in the series will go out to children as deposit thresholds are met, as set out below.

 M is for Money® - A kid's guide to financial literacy (age 5-9)   


HOW TO GET the books by Teresa Cascioli …

Book 1   The Little Piggy Bank



Anytime, with a Mountain Kids account opening or with your welcome letter.  Pick it up at the Credit Union!

Book 2   The Little Lemonade Stand



Once you have added $25 to your account, pick it up at the Credit Union!


Book 3   The Little Trip to the Bank


Once you have added $50 to your account, pick  it up at the Credit Union!


Book 4   The Little Wallet Named Pouch                  

Book 5   A Little Loan for Benji

Book 6   Counting Comes First

Book 7   Under the Couch

Book 8   The Payback

Book 9   Giving is Great

Books 4-9 available for purchase (at cost) at RCU.   $7.99/book.  Great educational & a fun gift from grandparents!!




Introducing Mountain Kids Money ($MTN) as a reward for saving program!

$1 awarded for every $10 deposit!!. This collectible cash can be used to buy something out of Sasquatch’s Cash Cache or an “M is for Money”® kid’s book for $5MTN.  (RCU pays the difference in value on this Rewards program exchange) 
Sasquatch Cash Cache will hold gift certificates and other fun kid’s products.

See what Billie and Buck have in the cache this week, stop in to RCU and check it out!