Each One, Teach One Financial Literacy Programming

Each One, Teach One Financial Literacy Programs

Each One, Teach One is a financial literacy program designed to deliver financial workshops in community settings, with the goal to help people from all walks of life better understand financial topics.

The approach to Each One, Teach One is for trained individuals to go out into the community; to schools, community groups, libraries, new immigrant centres, and more, meeting people where they are, delivering free financial information in simple and easy to understand language. Absolutely no products or corporate information is promoted in these workshops.

These workshops can be delivered to groups small and large. One workshop is typically one hour and are presented in English, using simple, accessible language and terminology.  Each One, Teach One workshops are presented across Canada by trained Credit Union staff.  Revelstoke Credit Union is pleased to have six staff members trained to deliver these workshops in our community.  A complete list of topics is available at eachoneworkshops.ca.

To make a request for a workshop for your group, please contact us.

Upcoming Workshops

Fraud Prevention and Identity Theft Workshop
At the Seniors Centre (Behind the Community Centre), 1:30pm until 3pm, Thursday March 28, 2019.

This is a Fraud and Identity theft prevention workshop, open to the public co-hosted hosted by the Revelstoke Seniors Citizens Association at the Seniors Centre.
Compromised personal credentials are today's biggest risk factors to online banking right now. We'll be taking a look at the scams used in order to gain access to your personal information and financial data.  Also, a look at strategies to recognize, prevent and what to do when these attacks occur.

At this workshop you can learn professional advice like:
-keeping our financial data safe
-how you can protect your devices and credentials
-steps to take if you think you've been a victim of fraud
-how to prevent personal data theft
-how to recognize phishing scams

Contact us to register.

We currently have no other events scheduled, please arrange a workshop for your group by contacting us @ 250.837.6291 ext. 263 or by email.