Phone Survey

Although this threat has passed the information is remains relevant today.  We will never demand personal and vital banking information from you over the phone.

December 6, 2012

Fraudulent Telephone Survey

We are aware that the public is receiving telephone calls from an organization claiming to be conducting a survey "on behalf of Revelstoke Credit Union", after which the person is asked to reveal or verify information about accounts, credit cards and other personal information.
These calls are fraudulent. Revelstoke Credit Union is not currently conducting any telephone surveys, nor have we hired any organization to conduct surveys on our behalf.
Revelstoke Credit Union will never telephone or email YOU asking you to confirm account or credit card information or to ask you to verify any personal information. Any information such as this which is required to conduct banking with us is already on record, and we would not need to confirm these details.
If you receive any such telephone calls, hang up and call us directly to report the incident. If you receive similar emails, do not reply to the message or provide any information. Contact us directly by phone at 250.837.6291 or through our secure website by clicking here