Select any alerts from the left navigation bar for security alerts and information on the most common scams.

Sign Up for MemberDirect® Alerts

This is one of the easiest & best ways for you to detect fraudulent activity in your RCU accounts.  It works by sending your linked email or mobile phone number a message about specific activities which you can activate from a list.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that if someone is logging into your account that isn't you, you will know and be able to take action immediately!

To Sign Up for MemberDirect® Alerts :

  1. Log in to your account at revcu./com.
  2. Go to Messages and Alerts, on the left side list of options.
  3. Select, Get started today.
  4. Select, Add Contact, the Add your Email and/or your mobile number.
  5. Read, Approve and Accept.
  6. Enter the prompted information.
  7. A on-time passcode will be sent to your phone, enter it.  A verification will be sent to your email.
  8. Go to Manage Alerts on the left side menu. Six options will appear. Click to select each Alert, Edit to enable. 
  9. Select the desired method of contact.
  10. Select Add to activate, Submit to finish.