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Interac e-Transfer Security Updates

Changes to e-Transfer Security Questions

Interac will require new e-Transfer security answers –  the response to the question the sender asks the recipient before funds are transferred. All security answers set by your customers since September 20, 2018 do not need to be updated. Customers who have not updated their recipients’ security answers since September 20, 2018 will need to set up new security answers before they can send money to those recipients. 

 To facilitate this:

  • Effective immediately, customers who have not updated their security answers will be notified when they send an e-Transfer, as described below.
  • Any security answers not updated by September 1, 2019 will be deleted by Interac and customers will be required to enter a new security answer the next time they send an e-Transfer to that recipient.

If a customer tries to send an e-Transfer to a recipient without an updated security answer, they will receive the following message. The “assistance” sentence may be different, as it will reflect parameters configured by your financial institution.

 "​Due to Interac e-Transfer updates, you will need to update your security question and answer for this recipient. Please click here to update your recipient’s details. For assistance, please contact your branch."

 Customers will click the link and be directed to the Edit Recipient screen for the given recipient. They will not be able to send the e-Transfer to that recipient until the security answer is updated. They may use the same question and answer, and when they re-save, it will be updated to the new format.

This is an image of the message you will receive.

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