At Revelstoke Credit Union we understand each business is different, with different financing needs. We offer a wide range of loans and packages to help your business grow, from buying a company car to establishing a new company.


We can provide mortgage loans for commercial, multiple use and industrial buildings at competitive rates and terms. These include open and closed mortgages, fixed or variable rates, terms from 6 months to 5 years and generous repayment privileges. Our unique Readvanceable Mortgage allows maximum flexibility to meet your ongoing needs.


Commercial loans are available for many purposes. We can structure financing solutions that meet both your current goals and long-range vision. We offer competitive interest rates and various repayment schedules.

Lines of Credit

A business Line of Credit provides ready cash, so you can take advantage of unexpected opportunities and meet short-term funding needs.

Letters of Credit

Revelstoke Credit Union offers Letters of Credit to help you establish a solid relationship with companies with whom you have little or no history.


Please call us for loan rates and deposit rates for business.


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