Global Payment MasterCard Sunsetting

At Revelstoke Credit Union, we regularly review our products and services to ensure that you always have the best features and benefits available.

We have found that the GLOBAL PAYMENTTM MasterCard® is being used by fewer and fewer members, indicating it may not be meeting a significant number of our member’s needs. After further analysis and review, we have decided to phase out this MasterCard® product.

As a result, Global PaymentTM MasterCards® will only be in effect until March 31, 2009. Information will be mailed directly to cardholders February 6, 2009.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for further information.


Why are you canceling the GLOBAL PAYMENT™ MasterCard®?
We have found that the GLOBAL PAYMENT MasterCard is being used by fewer and fewer members, indicating it may not be meeting a significant number of our members’ needs. After further analysis and review, we have decided to phase out this MasterCard product. A number of other credit unions that offer this card have also discontinued its use due to under-utilization.

When will my GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card stop working?
Your GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card will stop processing transactions on March 31, 2009.

Replacing Your Card

What do I replace my GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card with?
To access money from your chequing or savings account, you can replace your GLOBAL PAYMENTTMcard with an RCU Member Card® debit card. Your Member Card® also gives you the added benefits of
• Convenient access to our extensive “ding-free” ATM network
• Unique buyer protection and extended warranty for retail purchases

I don’t have a Member Card®. How do I get one?
Simply drop by your local branch and request one. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll be able to use it right away. If visiting a branch is not convenient, please call us and one of our Account Service Representatives will be able to assist you.

Will a Member Card® debit card work just as well as my GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card?
While the Member Card debit card is useful for everyday purchases, it is not accepted everywhere, especially out of the country. It also can’t be used for such things as making hotel reservations, paying at parking kiosks or making online purchases. In these cases, a MasterCard credit card is your best option. And if you choose a CHOICE REWARDS® MasterCard®, you also accumulate points which can be redeemed for travel or brand-name merchandise – a benefit not available with your GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card. One other thing that you should keep in mind is that your Member Card® can only be used for purchases totaling up to $2500 within a 24-hour period. If you wish to make a larger purchase or anticipate a big shopping day, you can simply call us to have this limit temporarily lifted, but again, you may prefer the convenience of a credit card.

Credit Function

Will it cost more to process debit card transactions using my Member Card® than it did with my GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card?
The banking fee is the same for both. The fee depends on the service fee package you have, not the card you use. Some businesses charge a fee to use a debit card at their place of business. This is not an RCU fee and would be in addition to the banking fee charged by RCU.

How can I get a MasterCard® credit card?
We offer three convenient ways to apply for a MasterCard®. You can visit your branch and we can approve you on the spot (with approved credit). You can also apply online at: by clicking here or by phone (250.837-6291 or 1.888.851.5715). In all cases, you will receive your new credit card in the mail within about two weeks of your application.

Does the MasterCard® credit card have similar features and benefits as my GLOBAL PAYMENT™ card?
Yes. In fact, many of the features and benefits are identical to the features and benefits on your GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card, such as purchase assurance, extended warranty, $100,000 common carrier travel accident insurance, $1000 trip cancellation insurance, etc. There are additional benefits available, however, depending on the card you select. For example, if you like to travel, we have a Gold CHOICE REWARDS™ MasterCard® credit card with $1,000,000 medical coverage when you travel out of country or province. The Platinum card offers twice the points so your points accumulate even faster.

You offer so many different MasterCards®. How do I know which one to choose?
A member services representative (available in your branch or by phone) would be happy to walk you through the features and benefits of each card to help you determine which one would best meet your needs. You can click here for a handy card selector in order to help narrow your choice.

What is the CHOICE REWARDS™ program that is associated with MasterCards®? The CHOICE REWARDSTM program is a unique rewards program that allows you to collect points with every purchase that you make using your CHOICE REWARDSTM MasterCard® credit card. These points can be redeemed for brand-name merchandise, all kinds of unrestricted travel, and donations to select national charities. You can visit the CHOICE REWARDSTM web site at for more details and to see what kind of merchandise is available. You can also pick up a catalogue at your branch.

Is there an annual fee for the CHOICE REWARDSTM MasterCard?
There are a number of CHOICE REWARDSTM  cards, including no-fee, low-fee, and ones with higher annual fees but which offer more extensive benefits. You can view the entire range by clicking here or speak to a member services representative for more information.

I do not want a MasterCard® credit card because I do not wish to pay interest. Do you have a credit card that meets my needs?
You can continue to enjoy interest-free purchases as long as you pay your balance in full each month before your due date. If payment in full is not received by the due date, interest will accrue on the full balance. If you choose to take out a cash advance or write a MasterCard cheque, interest will accrue at the regular rate from the date the cash advance or MasterCard cheque is applied to the account. If you are using your GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card to access a line of credit, then you are already paying interest on your purchases or cash withdrawals. With a line of credit, interest starts accruing from the date you make a purchase or withdraw cash. With a MasterCard® credit card, there is a grace period of 21 days (19 days on the no-fee credit card) before interest starts to accrue.

The GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card helped me manage my money because the funds came out of my account immediately. Purchases accumulate on credit cards and then at the end of the month you get a big bill. Do you have any suggestions that will help me manage my money using credit?
Yes, we do. You can check your balance, transactions, available credit, due dates, etc., at any time on the MasterCard® site. You can also set up e-mail reminders free of charge to help avoid late payments and overlimit fees as well as keep track of your account. The alerts available include:

My credit limit is reached or exceeded
My balance exceeds $XXX.00
My statement is available
My credit card payment is due in X calendar days.
I have not signed in for X days.

Line Of Credit

What happens to the line of credit attached to my GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card?
The line of credit attached to your GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card will remain on your account for you when you need it. Be sure your Member Card® is set up to access this account.

Will my line of credit negatively affect my MasterCard®application?
No. There are two things we look at in order to approve your MasterCard® application: your income and your credit rating. If anything, your line of credit would positively affect your credit rating.

Pre-Authorized Payments

What happens to the pre-authorized payments I have set up on my GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card? Will they still go through?
Pre-authorized payments set up on your GLOBAL PAYMENTTM card will not go through automatically as of March 31. In order to avoid any declined payment, we highly recommend that you have these payments redirected as soon as possible. An RCU member services representative can help you identify your pre-authorized payments and help you make alternate payment arrangements so your service is not disrupted.


My GLOBAL PAYMENTTM MasterCard® expires before March 31. What do I do?
You may receive a new card in the mail in advance of the expiry date. You can choose to activate the new card and continue to use it until March 31, or you can destroy both the old card and the renewal card in advance of the deadline and move to using your Member Card® and/or MasterCard®. Just be sure to change any pre-authorized payments from your GLOBAL PAYMENTTM MasterCard® to another payment option before you do.

Why did my spouse receive a letter regarding the GLOBAL PAYMENTTM MasterCard®, but I didn't, even though I have a GLOBAL PAYMENTTM MasterCard® as well?
This may have occurred for a number of reasons. It may be that your card is showing as “inactive” in our system and was therefore cancelled. This would happen if you did not activate your new or renewal GLOBAL PAYMENTTM MasterCard® within 6 months of receiving the card. If this is not the case with your card, you can call us and we will be able to check your card’s status for you. In any event, all GLOBAL PAYMENTTM MasterCards® are being discontinued, including yours.

Do I need to do anything to deactivate my current card?
The card will be deactivated automatically on March 31; however, for your protection, we recommend that you destroy it as soon as you complete transferring your pre-authorized payments and have your new Member Card® and/or MasterCard® in hand.

Who can I talk to in order to get more information?
An Account Services Representative at your local branch would be delighted to answer any of your questions and advise you on redirecting pre-authorized payments, exploring your credit and debit options, provide advice on credit management, applying for a MasterCard® or obtaining a MemberCard®. You can also call 250-837-6291 or toll-free 1.888.851-5715